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Close more deals with testimonial videos

Create engaging case studies that your current customers will love and that your future customers will want to be a part of.

Not closing enough deals?

Subscribing to a new product is hard. If you're struggling to get your customers to buy from you, then you need to show them how your company has helped similar users in their situation.

Most companies have created case studies and documents to show this proof, so this is a great starting point to create a video.

Take your case studies to a new level 📈

Generate Desire
Show your audience how you’ve helped past customers overcome their problems, and they’ll want to participate in that story as well.
Delight Current Customers
Turn your customers into heroes with a high quality video that they’ll be proud to share with their network. Build a deeper relationship for years to come.
Designed to Convert
Testimonials provide something people crave. Social proof. Our tested formula makes your customers feel part of something special and increase conversions in your website.

Examples of our work

University of New Hampshire - HubSpot Partnership

Goal: Motivate universities to take part in HubSpot's education partner program by showing the positive impact of the program in UNH students. 
Category: Software, recruitment.
Role: Filming.

HubSpot's Diversity Core Video

Goal: To motivate a diversity of applicants to apply to HubSpot, by showing the impact of the diversity programs and culture in the employees' lives. 
Category: Software, Recruitment.
Role: Animation/Motion Graphics. 

Agrícola Llahuen Testimonial

Goal: To improve the employee sentiment and recruitment by celebrating the 50 years' history of the company, as told by employees and founders. 
Category: Agriculture.
Role: Editing/Motion Graphics.

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