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Show exactly how your product works

Most customers feel confused after signing up for a product. Help them get started and see the benefits in your products, with our process videos.

Turn your customers into brand advocates 🥳

Easy to follow
Provide step by step onboarding instructions that will make your customers feel comfortable with your product.
No questions unanswered
Are there any common questions your customers have upon sign up? Provide them with a series of FAQ videos so they can make the most of your product.
Better customer support
Is there a stage in which your customers are stuck? Empower your support team with the right videos to send to your customers and close tickets faster.

Sample Work

Importing Contacts into HubSpot CRM

Goal: To increase user retention, by walking new HubSpot users through the benefits of importing their contacts and encouraging them to start using the software. This video is part of an email campaign.
Category: Software, recruitment.
Role: Directing, Producing.

Inviting your team in HubSpot

Goal: To increase user adoption, by telling HubSpot users why adding their team members will help improve their productivity. Then it walks them step-by-step through the process.
Category: Software, recruitment.
Role: Directing, Producing.

Objective Based Onboarding

Goal: To improve customer experience, by telling HubSpot users what to expect from their onboarding process, and the different tasks that they will complete.
Category: Software, recruitment.
Role: Directing, Producing.

Make your customers advocates of your product

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