Our Work

We create high quality videos that help our clients cut through the noise. We specialize in corporate videos and animations.

Promotional Videos

These videos are short, eye-catching, and to the point. Their goal is to grab the potential customers' attention for the first time and drive traffic to a landing page. Best suited for social media and ads. 

Youtube Subscriber Ads 
Goal: To drive more subscribers to HubSpot's Youtube channel.
Category: Software
Role: Animation/Motion Graphics, Editing.

GAT Labs Education Suite
Goal: To drive traffic to GAT Labs Education solutions website.
Category: Software
Role: Script, Direction, Animation.

Science Addicts Unite Promo
Goal: To drive traffic to Science Addict's Unite Youtube Channel 
Category: Science/Technology
Role: Animation, Motion Graphics. 

Seed and Stem Promo
Goal: To drive more traffic to Seed and Stem's landing page.
Category: Lifestyle
Role: Animation/Motion Graphics, Editing. 

EZ Power Kickstarter Video
Goal: To successfully fund the crowdfunding campaign for the new EZ power product.
Client: EZ Power
Category: E-commerce

Gauchos Films Reel 2020
Goal: To Increase lead form submissions on Gauchos Film's website.
Category: Film Production/Travel
Role: Editing, Motion Graphics.

Explainer Videos

These videos are convey the value proposition of a company or product. Their goal is to establish trust with the customer, by explaining why the company is the best solution to their problems. Best suited for embedding in main webpages, product pages, sales presentations, and webinars.

GAT Labs Enterprise Video
Goal: To convey GAT Labs' Enterprise value proposition in a clear and engaging way and drive more customer sign ups.
Category: Software.
Role: Script, Direction, Animation.

HubSpot Product Overview
Goal: To convey HubSpot's value proposition, by describing the benefits of each product series, and drive new subscribers to the Youtube channel. 
Category: Software.
Role: Animation/Motion Graphics.

The Shake Up Trailer
Goal: To motivate business enthusiasts to sign up to HubSpot's new podcast, by communicating the value they'll get with the different episodes.
Category: Software.
Role: Animation/Motion Graphics.

B2B Website Examples that Impress
Goal: Increase conversions to HubSpot's lead generator.
Client: HubSpot
Category: SaaS Business

Alchemy 43
Goal: Increase awareness about beauty salons implementing new technology in NYC. 
Client: ABC News
Category: Lifestyle

How to use a Moka Pot
Goal: Increase the number of leads for their new coffee subscription package.
Client: Café Peregrino
Category: E-commerce

Testimonial Videos

These videos focus on capturing the authentic voice and experience of a past customer or employees. The goal of these videos are to compel the audience to take a desired action, by giving them a powerful motivation tool: social proof.

HubSpot's Diversity Core Video
Goal: To motivate a diversity of applicants to apply to HubSpot, by showing the impact of the diversity programs and culture in the employees' lives. 
Category: Software, Recruitment.
Role: Animation/Motion Graphics. 

University of New Hampshire - HubSpot Partnership
Goal: Motivate universities to take part in HubSpot's education partner program by showing the positive impact of the program in UNH students. 
Category: Software, recruitment.
Role: Filming.

Agrícola Llahuen Testimonial
Goal: To improve the employee sentiment and recruitment by celebrating the 50 years' history of the company, as told by employees and founders. 
Category: Agriculture.
Role: Editing/Motion Graphics.

Special Purpose Videos

These videos are specific to certain marketing campaigns and internal efforts. From motivating internal teams, to software tutorials.

HubSpot's Flywheel Kick Off Intro
Goal: To create a high energy intro that hypes up the Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Revenue Operation teams before an End of Year presentation.
Category: Software, Internal.
Role: Animation/Motion Graphics. 

Importing Contacts into the CRM
Goal: To increase user retention, by walking new HubSpot users through the benefits of importing their contacts and motivating them to start using the software. This video is part of an email campaign.
Category: Software, recruitment.
Role: Directing, Producing.

HubSpot Software Tutorial
Goal: To build trust in HubSpot and increase views to their Youtube channel by teaching how to use the software in detail. This video is part of a Youtube series.
Category: Software/Tutorial.
Role: Motion Graphics.

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